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ALA 2012: Day One

June 22, 2012

My first American Library Association conference has gotten off to an exciting start!

I made it into town just in time for the opening of the Exhibit hall this afternoon, and it was jam packed with librarians and book enthusiasts. This picture was taken about 20 minutes before the doors opened, and the crowds just got bigger!

Exhibit Hall Opening!

Once I got inside, I stuck to my strategy of looking for ARCs from 3 categories:

1. Middle grade fiction: to review for my students, and to give away!

2. YA fiction: same as the above, plus a few favorites for myself

3. Adult fiction: A few titles of interest to keep up with the adult reading world

The Exhibit Hall is a gigantic maze of vendors:

Exhibit Hall Map


I tried my best to be a good conference go-er, and avoided hitting, trampling, or otherwise mangling any other attendees. I felt that everyone was very well-behaved, and the booksellers deserve a huge round of applause for being so thoroughly knowledgeable and helpful. I’m really excited to start reading, and even more excited about my sessions tomorrow.

Books and Tote Bags

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