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ALA 2012: Day Two

June 23, 2012

After a late night, I was up early to make to the conference center in the morning. I had several things in my scheduler for the morning, but decided to go to the HarperCollins Fall Book Buzz from 8:45-10:00. It was a great program, and I got a lot of insight into upcoming adult titles for the fall. Since I’m a little removed from the adult book world most of the time, it was great to hear about the books people were excited about, since high schoolers are often interested in picking up adult titles.

After that session, I met up with my new coworkers for lunch! It was great to chat with them and talk about the new ideas we have for fall. We talked a lot about what system we will be moving to for e-books, and I’m interested to see what we end up doing in July.

After that, I wandered around the exhibit hall for awhile, looking at the vendors and the new books, before heading to the ballroom to hear Chris Colfer speak about his upcoming book The Land of Stories.

Now, I admit to being a little bit awful and assuming that like most stars who write books, he had either been ghostwritten, or it was going to be a book that I wasn’t really interested in reading. But I was proven completely wrong during his talk, as he discussed how he had been brainstorming and working on this book since he was 10 years old. After looking through the ARC we were given of The Land of Stories, I’m excited to read it!

We thought about going to one of the official ALA parties, but ended up retreating to downtown Disney for a quiet drink and some dinner. Although we did end up loudly explaining to our waiter why he was wrong in thinking that libraries were useless.

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